16 February 2009

Scrapbook Edge: where we mash up streetart, graffiti, mad painted poetry journals, sketchbooks, & comix

The new Scrapbook Edge blog is a place to share and discuss scrapbook pages with attitude…and, maybe, stretch the boundaries of what we can do with our scrapbook pages.

Yes, there is a Scrapbook Edge gallery at http://TheConcreteJungleBook.com, which displays the latest images created by Little Mo & the Nonhuman Crew (which can include you, too).

The blog focuses more on news of this emerging tribe, but also features photos/scans of physical scrapbook and digital scrapbook pages, as well as images of elements that could go on a scrapbook page.

We aim to enlarge the concept of what "scrapbook" can mean. Sterile, by-the-numbers, commercial scrapbooking does have the potential to unleash creative powers, but at the Scrapbook Edge we're looking for something more. Scrapbooks to reflect all the media we use, all the ways we look at the world.

Many photographers compose images that combine image, text, layers, memories in a single frame or snap. Artists transform walls and other public surfaces of an urban landscape into "pages" - a kind of a scrapbook, too.

Where to draw the line? Art journal? Collage? Altered book collage? Mixed-media? Comic strips at the bleeding edge? Who knows?

Eclectic. Authentic. Subversive.

Suggest a key word.

Scrapbook Edge

Hs1970.test15aug08 Example of an edgy scrapbook page by Morris Armstrong, Jr. proudly a.k.a. "Little Mo"
author of The Concrete Jungle Book, a new prose+comics scrapbook novel, first implementation of the new Social Media Scrapbook digital book format, previewing now in a read/collaborate demonstration at http://TheConcreteJungleBook.com

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