13 February 2009

Blackboard Jungle! in Cali & Big D

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San Francisco isn't all that different from Dallas after all, especially the South Dallas/Oak Cliff area where I live.

Says here in the San Francisco Chronicle today that 900 high school and middle school students admitted carrying a guy to school at least once last year, while nearly twice that many more, 1767, admitted bringing another weapon like a knife or club.

Out of 21,000 students surveyed, 6 percent (455) of middle schoolers and 7 percent (923) of high schoolers said they are gang members.

8 percent of middle schoolers and 9 percent of high school students said they skipped school at least one day in the past 30 because they didn't feel safe at school.

"Hundreds went to class armed, S.F. study finds"
by Jill Tucker, San Francisco Chronicle, February 13, 2009

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