19 January 2009

Little Mo addresses the TCJB photo pool on Flickr.com & feels HOPE

Been busy these past couple of weeks, getting the new year off to a good start, putting a lot of time and effort into getting through final editing and production of THE CONCRETE JUNGLE BOOK, and working on the larger challenge of getting it published. We'll be making some announcements about that as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, it's fun to watch as people contribute so many fine images on the "concrete jungle book" meme at the Flickr groups http://www.flickr.com/groups/tcjb/ and Scrapbook Edge http://www.flickr.com/groups/scrapbookedge/ As we say in the book: "The city is just the jungle in disguise."

That doesn't mean only the dog-eat-dog, Nature red in tooth & claw, only the strong survive kind of jungle that is too common on TV, in movies & books. The jungle as unexplored, dark, dangerous. It's more than that. Mysterious & full of wonders, the more you look the more you see.

Yet more.

Because we know that the jungle itself won't survive if the residents -- human, nonhuman, & otherwise -- don't work together, cooperate, help each other.

The surprising thing about this planet is how beautiful and peaceful life is, despite the tragedies that erupt and the suffering that seems never to end.

I write these thoughts just a few hours before we salute our new President Barack Hussein Obama.

I love the way that HOPE and OPTIMISM and SERVICE dominate conversations throughout the USA today! On TV, in homes, schools, places of business, churches, on the Web - everywhere.

Because, the jungle is a place of HOPE as well as strife; death, yes, but also LIFE.

Together, let's continue to explore the concrete jungle, in curiosity and love. Let's express what we discover in our art, and share it with each other.

Little Mo & the Nonhuman Crew

P.S. If you're on Twitter.com, give a shout-out and a "follow" to my man, Twitter user name = @dougmillison. He helps get the news out about our book, my art, what we're doing here and over at our Scrapbook Edge group, and the new Nonhuman Communcations group here on Flickr (check it out!).

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