24 January 2009

Conversations With Animal Authors

from: http://animalcommunicationbookclub.blogspot.com/

Cat Writer Dusty Rainbolt Headlines First "Conversations With Animal Authors" Teleconference

I'm pleased to announce that award-winning writer, Dusty Rainbolt, will be my guest at the inaugural "Conversations With Animal Authors" teleconference, to be held on Thursday, January 29th at 8:30pm (EST). Ms. Rainbolt will discuss her recent book, Ghost Cats: Human Encounters with Feline Spirits, which was recently reviewed here.

The hour-long teleconference is free and can be accessed by calling: 616-347-8100, and entering PIN #1063739. Long-distance charges may apply. For those who are interested in hearing the interview, but cannot participate live, I'll be posting a link to a recording of the event a few days later.

Dusty Rainbolt is the host of the Pet Life Radio program, Paranormal Pets." She has written several other books, including Cat Wrangling Made Easy: Maintaining Peace and Sanity in Your Multicat Home, and Kittens for Dummies. She is also the product editor for Catnip newsletter, published by Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Dusty Rainbolt has a distinguished record as a cat chronicler, and she has been investigating paranormal phenomena since 1998. She brings not only a first-hand knowledge of the subject, but also, a spirit of fun, wonder, and good humor. I know that anyone who joins in on this call will have a great time.

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Gardening Fan said...

Hello, I would like to get in touch with Dusty Rainbolt regarding a speaking engagement at our local animal shelter.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!

SAndy Kondos