14 February 2011

Kids & animals: What are they thankful for and what are their dreams?

  Kids & animals: What are they thankful for and what are their dreams?
Kid's can tell us all how we should treat other animals
…It is our goal that Kids & animals will inspire other young people to draw and write about their feelings for animals and to put their own ideas into action to care for animals, protect their habitats, and promote compassion, empathy, coexistence, and peace. It is perfect for classes, discussions, and activities focusing on humane education and conservation education so that we can all expand our compassion footprint (see also). 

The bottom line is pretty simple: teach the children well, treat the teachers well, and treasure all. It's a win-win situation for everyone. Nurture and provide the seeds of compassion, empathy, and love with all the nutrients children need to develop deep respect for, and kinship with, the universe. All people, other animals, human communities, and environments now and in the future, will benefit greatly by developing and maintaining heart-felt compassion that is as reflexive as breathing. Compassion begets compassion -- there's no doubt about it.…

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