15 August 2009

Perspicacious Conception

Perspicacious Conception, originally uploaded by The Searcher.

The Searcher writes:

"Am I fixed, Father?" he asked. The Professor replied, "I'm nearly done. Hold still, son." He adjusted the skin tone a bit darker, and tweaked the smile towards the gentle spectrum. "Why do you always have to tinker, Father," the boy asked. The Professor chuckled, but thought about it for a moment. "I'm not really sure, son. I suppose I just want you to be perfect."

"How can I be perfect, Father? You'll always be better than I am." With this the Professor frowned, and very nearly growled. He opened the emotional drawer and adjusted the sincerity a touch lower. "Let me tell you a little secret, son. You are meant to be in every way I can imagine, better than I. Why else would I make you?" The boy thought for a moment, confused. "How can that be? You're my maker. I can't be better than my maker."

The Professor pinched the thinking slider up a smidge. "Of course you can. The purpose of creation is to strive beyond the here and now, to improve upon what came before. To do any less would be to purposely create a design flaw, and that would go against my tinkering nature. You may not understand this now, but I hope you will someday."

The boy smiled a gentle smile. "Am I fixed, Father?"

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