11 July 2009

time's running out for moon doggie

"My name is Moon Doggie and I am a very hard boiled, browbeaten Rat Terrier/ Doberman mix looking for a new home with ANYONE who can come up with the dough to get me outta this crappy shelter. I like to bark, chase cars, dig in the yard, jump the fence and chew on your shoes. I know how to pick locks, play poker and sing like Old Blue Eyes. Yeah, I'm fixed but that don't mean I'm a wuss. I don't get along with kids or other dogs but I usually can grub a meal off your cat through intimidation and slight of hand. You take me home TODAY and I'll be the best buddy you ever had! I'm 18 years old and not in the best of health but my tags are good until the end of the year. And if you see my former family (owners of the Wigwam Villages) tell them to go blow!"

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