27 April 2009

Sing Joy! by Morris Armstrong, Jr. proudly a.k.a. "Little Mo"

please click image to see a larger version


Little Mo is a co-author of The Concrete Jungle Book, a prose+comics scrapbook novel a.k.a. "graphic novel on steroids" now in final production editing. To see a Preview online, please visit http://TheConcreteJungleBook.com. If you're on Facebook, please become a Fan of the The Concrete Jungle Book Page. You can view more versions of this photo, and others, in the Flickr.com page at http://www.flickr.com/photos/pynchonoid/, too, and if you'd like to see the TCJB 1st edition scrapbook pages in progress, shoot me an email or Flickr Inbox message and I'll mark you as a "Friend" so you can see them. Thanks for your interest!

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