30 June 2008

"About Us" for TheConcreteJungleBook.com

…as we approach Thursday's promised publication in a Major Daily Newspaper, this Web page copy for TheConcreteJungleBook.com:

About Us

Little Mo & the Nonhuman Crew

[Srayla Tip, photo by Doug Millison]

Srayla Tip
Cartoonist, tattoo artist, rising star of the East Bay underground arts scene, by way of a refugee camp on the Thai-Cambodian border and tough Oakland streets. His dedication to depicting raptors soars to surprising heights. Tattoo, sideshow culture, streetart, graffiti: been there, done that.

Steve Porter
This Dallas poet, novelist, painter, artist of life & educator decided the mostly Mexican-American students in his Oak Cliff school needed to dream better dreams. So he’s written some…with their help. In his heart: on the road with Kerouac.

Doug Millison
Novelist, editor, publishing entrepreneur, teacher, grizzled veteran of the Great Interactive Multimedia and World Wide Web Crusades of the Late 20th Century, pynchonoid, husband and father. Created Morph's Outpost on the Digital Frontier, and Blaster -- two ground-breaking magazines that came out of the San Francisco Multimedia Gulch/Silicon Valley scene in the mid-'90s, co-author of Firebrands! Building Brand Loyalty in the Internet Age in 2000 and developed, wrote & edited Return on Design by Ani Phyo in 2002. Wishes he had the sweet temperament of his college buddy Porter. Aspires to be nonhuman.

…and, let's not forget the most important member of the Nonhuman Crew: YOU!!

As a Nonhuman Crew Extended Creative Team Member, you collaborate to help make TheConcreteJungleBook.com and Comicater.com fun and enriching community in which to spend time.

We're also going to publish some of the best comics and prose+comics scrapbook pages that you make, as part of the First Edition of The Concrete Jungle Book when it is published later this year.

Nonhuman Communications Ltd.

Nonhuman Communications Ltd. aims to enhance communication and deepen understanding among humans and the rest of the Earthlings, seeking to motivate all beings to cherish and defend the planet.

The company is privately held, with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In addition to a follow up to The Concrete Jungle Book currently in development with Little Mo, NHC is also developing a number of other prose+comics scrapbook novels. These include Falconspace, which also features Little Mo & the Nonhuman Crew, plus several new series, including:

Oaktown Shaolin for all ages
Trash Girl for teenage girls and boys
Submerged Savages, a contemporary whaling adventure, for adults

For details contact DougMillison@TheConcreteJungleBook.com.


Founded by Web development rocket scientst, X. Chen, Comicater.com is a Web 2.0 social site where people come to create and share comics online and share their love for comics, graphic novels, and other illustrated works. Comicater provides real-time, online tools that let people create comics and prose+comics scrapbook pages, using art work uploaded from their own computers or from other Web sites.

Comicater community embers receive a free online gallery they can display their creations and invite others to collaborate on new projects and to tag up existing works.

As part of its ongoing program of helping customers improve their comics creative skills and collaborate with other comics creators, Comicater works with publishers of graphic novels, comics, and other illustrated works, to provide a steady stream of new, interactive, book preview experiences at Comicater.com.

Comicater also provides resources for art instruction and a future version of the site will let comics creators earn extra income by selling print-on-demand versions of their creations at Comicater. For more information, contact info@Comicater.com.

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